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A Definition for Trust

“Choosing to risk making something you value, vulnerable to another person's actions.”

 Charles Feltman

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Why Trust Comes Second

Trust isn’t just given, it is built over time. 

The more meaningful the experience the more likely we will trust them, but why?

It's the same reason the most trusting people are so rarely let down. They tend to people-people.

People who aren't even thinking about trust while

being fully open to connection. In this way they can relax, they're not leaving trust to chance but simply letting it follow connection.

So how do we create the deeper connections that lead to trust and not remain superficial?

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A Recipe for Deeper Connection


Shared Vulnerablity




Inclusive Action

Personal Values

Fun but without sharing what we value there is less possibility for connection - it lacks the meaning that gives rise to trust.

Connection  but nothings has been risked, so the sense of connection and shared identity is only superficial.

Identity  but still no ground for trust, because until our identity lived through actions they are not seen or respected.

Stephen Thompson - Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Jake ran a great session for my team bringing people together and engaging everyone for a really fun virtual evening. The format work extremely well and and provide a central focus for a team event whilst in lockdown.

It starts with clarity

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