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Face-to-face Team Event

The TRA L'ARTE Workshop

3 to 4 hours 

4-20 people


I offer in-person session in English in Berlin and London.

Essentially its a creative space to meet and share time with your colleges, with zero pressure to perform.

Breakdown of the event:

  • Grounding - switch from performative to playful

  • Stimulate - connecting our mind and our hands

  • Short Portrait Lesson - How to make good mistakes

  • The main event - drawing each other one-to-one

  • Rotate between artist and the muse with different people on your team

  • Use some of the key questions to share stories and find out more about each other

  • Come back together to share some of the
    stories, values, and art you've just made.

  • Relaxed time, grab a drink and see all the artwork.

Man on Computer

Remote Team Event

The TRA L'ARTE Remote Workshop

1.5 hours 

4-20 people on Zoom or Microsoft Teams

We run one amazing online workshop, for remote teams and communities.

Beyond just bringing people together, the 1.5-2 hr session lets your team get to know each other on a one-to-one level.


The Art Packs are sent out in advance and includes a carefully curated selection of materials, and a couple surprises.

Breakdown of the event:

  • Grounding exercise 

  • Open up awareness - music and a rhythmic drawing

  • Once warm, I'll share a couple ways to start a portrait and draw the boss or the newest member of the team!

  • Breakout Rooms - the 1-to-1 element of the session, take it turns being the artist and the muse, and now you open the last envelope in your Art Pack :)

  • Come back together -  we now share the art you’ve made and some of the stories you’ve discovered.

Stephen Thompson - Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Jake ran a great session for my team bringing people together and engaging everyone for a really fun virtual evening. The format work extremely well and and provide a central focus for a team event whilst in lockdown.

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