Frequently Asked Questions - answered by Jake

My team's remote...


That's no problem. We’ve developed the workshop for both online and offline.

My team's remote and international...

No problem. We'll track delivery for international participants and make sure it will get there with time to spare.

We are all done with zoom, give me real life!

The whole workshop is based on the truths I discovered drawing people on the street. So its was designed for real life and then adapted to zoom during the Pandemic. So yes, as long as you're local we can do it.

I will say though, zoom's surprising advantage over real life is the Breakout Rooms, the zoom feature that allows everyone to instantly partner-up, which is where you do most of the workshop.

What cities are you in?

London and Berlin! More on that here if thats not you.

What language?



. . . zur Zeit 

But I can't draw!

Perfect! If you think you can't do something and do it you are being vulnerable, which ultimately makes for a more meaningful experience. Fear really helps the connection part.

How much does it cost?
Pricing is talked about once you've contacted us. Checkout the The Workshop page to see what it is about, we make the session(s) as bespoke or as simple as you require.
How long is it?


The online session lasts between 90 and 120 minutes depending on the group size and preference. For the face-to-face workshops people tend to want longer so it lasts around 3 hours. There is also the option to run it as weekly thing over a month to spread the intensity out a little and make sure everyone has a their time together.


After contacting us we’ll send out a brief overview you can easily share with your team.

What platform is the online workshop on?


Zoom. They are the best for image quality and breakout rooms but we'll roll out onto other platforms as they inevitably catch-up.

What if a team member doesn't show?

Remote participants can cancel up to three days in advance and only pay for the materials sent out. If a team member has signed-up to the remote workshop and doesn't show for the workshop the spot has been paid and is not refundable.


In the live event you are permitted to give a range, eg:16-18 people, and then the specific number of participants who attended is worked out in the second half of the payment.

How do the in-person sessions organised?

The workshop is designed to come to your office or a hired space independently arranged.

Depending on your space we have capacity for up to 20 participants. Transport and logistics is included in the price as long as you are in Berlin or London.

If this isn't you, we - I really, its just me at the moment - would love to run an event in your city so drop of me a line if you like to make that happen

For all other inquiries email me personally


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